I am a project manager with an internet marketing and communications firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My responsibilities include typical project management activities from initiation / qualification, definition, design, implementation / software development, testing, training, and delivery. I am also involved with ongoing customer support, where appropriate, to help content authors and editors use the solution. As a project manager, communication with the many different people – project sponsor, business stakeholders, technical contacts, implementation team, my management, etc – is critical to keeping everyone on track. 

My skillset also includes the ability to define the software architecture; workflows / use cases; database architecture; communications (email, etc); identify requirements and develop a project plan including schedule, budget and work break down (WBS) / assignments; write copy; develop training materials and conduct training sessions with technical or non-technical participants; and define security or legal / regulatory compliance, such as CAN-SPAM or Section 508. I have also written copy or worked with team members to implement copy for search engine optimization (SEO).

I have been invovled with social media for marketing, public relations, and customer support for several years. 


Current: Project Manager (2001-Present)
Status: Employeed (full-time)
Location: Pittsburgh, PA


Recent Experience

H2 Communications logoH2 Communications

1817 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh PA 15203, USA


  • Manage multiple projects for clients to implement public web sites, intranets, extranets, mobile, and stand alone systems. Collect and document requirements/needs, define system architecture, define process flow, and database architecture.
  • Communicate status to client, firm management, stakeholders, and team members.
  • Monitor work assignments, delivery, testing, schedule, and budget.
  • Establish technical, user interface, and usability standards.
  • Advise and implement search engine optimization (SEO) improvements to whole sites and specific pages.
  • Train non-technical end-users or technical (IT) users.
  • Investigate new technolgies, services, and capabilities to provide a better service to clients.
  • Advise clients about implementation about starting a social media marketing campaign, limits and pitfalls, etc.


  • Regularly and consistently deployed new websites or upgrades to existing websites for clients on time and within budget.
  • Managed web site software design and development projects for healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical, attorney, not-for-profit and other organizations.
  • Established database design standards.
  • Developed web site visitor registration and subscription software for web site.
  • Developed company intranet including client, project, web site content management applications, and company appointment calendar using PHP and MySQL.
  • Managed systems-integration project to collect consumer contact information using handheld devices that securely communicate with an event server through WIFI (802.11g) and a central service through cellular communication using web services. 4 systems were deployed.
  • Managed systems-integration project, designed the user interface wireframes, and helped develop software to perform facial age progression using a third-party aging engine. 27 systems were deployed.
  • Trained client personnel in the use of content management systems, custom extranets, MediaWiki compatible sites, and other applications such as Adobe Contribute, Drupal (CMS), Mura CMS, and WordPress.


Prior experience available upon request.



Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochester Institute of Technology (1978-1983)

One Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY 14623, USA

RIT is a private university located in Henrietta, New York (south of Rochester) with over 13,000 undergraduate students plus another 2,500 graduate students. Visit RIT to learn more. Mr. Daly attended RIT from 1978 to 1983, studying computer science with a focus on operating systems. His elective studies focused on business management. Mr. Daly's degree requirements included 1 year co-op work/study in his chosen field. He worked for the Business Forms Division and Office Products Group of Burroughs Corporation (now Unisys) in Rochester, New York. He worked full-time during the co-op period and part-time 1980 to 1983 and was hired as a Senior Technical Support Specialist by Burroughs Corporation immediately upon graduation.

  • 1983 · Bachelor of Technology, Systems Software Science
  • 1980 · Associate of Applied Science, Computer Science & Technology



Contact me to learn more about my expierience and skills, and how I can help your organization or project succeed. This professional summary is intended to provide information about recent experience, university training (the foundation), and other relevant information. Additional defailt canbe foundon LinkedIn.