Albany Township

Albany Township was established in 1824 from Asylum Township to the north. Albany is situated along the extreme southern border of Bradford County with Sullivan County. The land is hilly but not mountainous making for good farming conditions. The primary community in the township is called New Albany.

In 1853 the township lines were re-drawn to create Overton Township from the western portion of the town, making Albany Township smaller.

Albanty Township

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In 1858, Albany Township had five (5) school houses and two saw mills. The Wilcox Hotel and the Steam Oar Manufacturing company were also found in the township. The township also had a Methodist Protestant Church established.

This transcription has been updated with corrections and omissions identified by Bob Sweeney, Sullivan County Historian for Rootsweb.  Many thanks to Mr. Sweeney for taking the time to review the Albany, Overton, and Wilmot township maps and providing corrections and omissions from my original transcription.  [23 August 2002]


The residents have been sorted alphabetically by name to allow quick searching. No attempt has been made to combine names associated with multiple properties. If "A. McKean" is listed with 2 or 3 properties the name will appear that many times in the list. In this way the transcription makes no assumption about whether the same man owned several properties or several men had the same name.

The list below includes as many names as I could read from the above clipping so there may be an overlap with the Canton Township map.

1858 Albany Township Residents
Allen, B. Harr…, B.  
Allen, B. Harris, N.  
Allen, C. Harton, E.  
Allen, O. Hatch, S.  
Allen, W. Hibburd, H.  
B…, B. Hil…, O.  
Bentley, Mrs. Huntsinger, J.  

Bolitho, A.

Jackson, J.  
Bradley, P. Jones, D.  
Brown, J. Jones, E. R.  
Brown, N. Kellogg D. (store)  
Bubock, C. Kellogg, M.  

Bukeshiers, G.

Kline, A.  

Burdick, A.

Ladd, A.  

Burdick, D.

Ladd, M. A.  

Campbell, J. S.

Lee, J.  
Campbell, W. Lock, H.  
Carr, A. M…, G.  
Chapman, S. Martin, W.  
Chapman, S. Mathe…, J.  
Clunt, P. McDurmot, H.  
Cobel, W. McDurmot, P.  
Codding, M. H. McIntosh, R.  
Corbin, C. Mckernan, P.  
Corson, Z. P. Menardi, N.  
Crandal, H. Meyers, P.  

Cummisky, R.

Miller, *  

Cavenaugh, H.

Miller, B.  

Derby, A.

Miller, F.  
Eddy, B. Miller, G.  
Eldred, R. Miller, R.  
Emery, B. Miller, R.  
English, A.    
English, O.    
Farrell, A.    
Finen, P.    
Habes?, H.    
Hakes, D.    
Hancock, A.    
Harney, J.    


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