Armenia was created in 1843 from Troy and Canton townships in the west of the county. The township borders Tioga County.

Armenia Township

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Armenia had a single shool house, two saw mills, and Webbers' Mill though the map does not indicate what they processed (probably flour).

1858 Armenia Township Residents
B*ch***, J. S. Hunt, Mrs. Russell, G.
Becker, J. W. Huslander, T. S*aris, *
Booth, E. Kiff, A. Shepard, L.
Burham, A. Kink, * Sherman, N.
Burman, J. F. Knight, B. Smith, A.
Button, R. Mason, J. Smith, C. N.
C*aser, A. Mason, R. Su***, J.
Carr, H. A. Monroe, A. Tooma*, J.
Etrandall, C. Moore, S. Vea***
Fields, G. Morgan, H. Wall, S.
Fields, J. E. Morgan, L. Webber, C. H.
Gar*ner, L. W. Pierce, E. Webber, G.
Garbra**, P. Pierce, W. Whit*hra*, W.
Gerallerman, J. Pierce, W. L. Williams, T.
Green, J. J. Puddle? Williams, W.
Hornell, * Ripley, A. Youmans, L.