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n. a.
Naturalized or not applicable, depending on context.
National Archives and Records Administration. The U.S. National Archives, located in Washington DC, is charged with storing historical documents of the United States. Military records over 70 years old (anything prior to WWI), ship's passenger lists, etc.
narrative One or more paragraphs about a person or family.
U.S. National Archives form used to obtain military service records, bounty land records, pension records, and medical records. This form is used to obtain records of soldiers who served before World War I.
natural birth child
Blood relationship to one or both parents.
natural parent
Man or woman that physically contributed (sperm or egg) to the conception of a child. See Also: Adoption.
See Naturalize, First Papers, Final Papers. Prior to 1922 in the U.S. the wife and minor children were automatically made citizens when the man was naturalized. The usual time between First Papers and naturalization was usually 5 to 7 years. Either filings could be done in any federal, state, county, or municipal court. Most naturalizations after 1929 were handled in federal court.
The process of granting full citizenship to a person born in another country.
n. d.
No date or not dated.
Register book of deaths.
born as — Used to indicate the maiden name of a woman. i.e., Esther SPENCER nee BROWNELL was born Esther Brownell but married a Spencer and changed her name.
nephew In modern terms, the son of a person's brothers or sisters. In some old records, however, this term could have applied to a niece.
New Style
Gregorian Calendar. See Old Style.
National Genealogical Society.
In modern terms, the daughter of a person's brothers or sisters. In some old records, however, this term could have applied to a nephew.
A person officially authorized to draw up or attest to contracts, wills, deeds, or similar documents, to protect bills of exchange.
n. p.
No place listed, or no publisher listed depending on context.
Nuncupative Will
Oral will declares by the deceased before dying, in the presence of witnesses, and transcribed by another person.
now wife
A term used exclusively in wills to indicate that a previous wife and indicates the woman to whom the man was married when the will was written or proved.
See New Style.

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