Asylum Township is located between the Susquehanna River and hill country to the west of the river. It makes for a long, oddly shaped town.

Asylum Township map

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1858 Asylum Township Residents
Quick,  Gamble, N. N. Sharts, J.
*ilenyburg, B. Gamble, Wm. Sharts, J. P.
Asheratt?, K. Gorman, A. Slatery, M.
B…, P. Gregory, N. N. St***y, S.
Barber, G. Griffin, W. St…, C.
Barnes, A. Herman, J. Stalford, J.
Barnes, R. C. Hoffman, J. Steele, S.
Baron, S. Holland, J. Steele, W.
Bartlett, A. W. Hoover, W. Stoddard, W.
Bates, J. Horton, * * Stone, A. I.
Benson, J. W. Horton, E** Stowell, J.
Birney, H. Horton, E. Stowell, J.
Bochety, J. Horton, E. Tanderpool [sic], W.
Bollack?, Mrs. Horton, E. Terrill, H.
Bromhall, G. Horton, G. Terry, *
Brown, A. Howard, A. L. Terry, Al
Brown, J. L. Jennings, T. Terry, G.
Brown, J. P. K…, W. Terry, H.
Bugget?, E. Kingsley, M. Terry, T.
Buick, G. Kullen, D. Terry, W.
Buick, J. Lathry?, E. Thompson, T.
Buick, S. Logham?, J. W. Vanderpool, A.
Burnwell, J. Logham?, T. J. Vanderpool, C.
Castlebury, C. Malford, J. H. & B. Vanderpool, N.
Crandall, D. D. Mare, L. Vanderpool, R.
Crandall, J. McCaffely, T. Viall?, C.
Cranl?, W. Miller, Dr. Vose, A.
Crouse, S. Moody, Ely W…, J.
Dodge, E. Morrow, H. Wells, C. E.
Elerde?, P. Morrow, J. Wells, C. F.
Elliott, A. Page, W. Wendell, A.
Ely, A. Park, J. B. Wendell, H.
Fandemark, S. Pass…, W. Wendell, R.
Fesserdan, H. Powell, L. Wilson, A.
Frasky?, * Preston, G. Wilson, D.
Fritchey, J. Quick, C. Wilson, J.
Gamble, A. M. Robinson, C. Wilson, P.
Gamble, J. S. Robinson, J. Winslow, E.
Gamble, Jas. Sconten?, W. Winslow, W.
Gamble, L. M. Sh*mer…, C.