Canton Borough 1858

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Canton had a law office within the boro as well as several establishments that were not readable. There were also two locations marked "Wg SH", which has not been explained on the map.

1858 Canton Boro Residents
Rockwell, H. Stock…, C. Camp, E.
Rockwell, E. Hullock,  Van Dyke, J. B.
Hinson, G. Gr…, M. Bennedict, S. S.
Kat*burn, G. Porter, K. M*ouse, J. M.
Hinson, G. Newman, E. Beardley, H. F.
Dawson, T. Baker, W. S. Dann, J.
Baker, W. S. Griffin, S. W. Balkbone?, C E.
Crammer, T. M. Francisco?,  Marley, K.
Newman, S. House, C… McDougle, C.
B…, M.D.,  Pratt, T. L. Wright, J. B.
Collwell, E. Miller, J. B. Lock's, O.
Tuttle, N. Miller, H.  
Owen, S. Levitt, G.  



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