Ulster Township was one of the original towns planned by the Susquehanna Company and one of the few to survive government control from Connecticut to Pennsylvania.

Ulster Township

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1858 Ulster Township Residents
Anthony, J. S. Howie, J. Price, E.
Barber Huff, I. Right, R.
Bartholomew, G. Huff, J. Russell, G. W.
Brooks, F. M. Hutchen, H. Sherman, T.
Burrell, R. W. Lark House Simons, H.
Cash, D. Lewis, A. Smith, A.B.
Covey, S. C. Lewis, L. Smith, J.
Davidson, H. Lewis, W. Smith, R
Dixon, R. Mallory, C. Store
Fuller, J. Mather, J. A. Tracy, B.
Gibson, W. McCauley, ? Tracy, B.
Gilmore, A. McKay, J. Van Dyke, D.
Gilmore, J. McKenny, R. Van Dyke, G. W.
Gilmore, T. W. Merrill, W. Van Dyke, W.
Gilmore, W. Miller, I. Walker, D. B.
Griffith, A. Moor, R. Walkins, L.
Higgins, D. Moore, E. B. Warner, M.
Higgins, P. Park, J  
Hotel Pollock?, W.  



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