First settled about 1794, Canton Township was established as a separate town in 1804. Canton is in the southwest corner of Bradford County bordering Tioga County to the west and Sullivan County to the south.

Canton Township 1858

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Canton Township had seven school houses, two grist mills, and seven saw mills. Two churches were listed – the "Bresly [sic] Church" and a Methodist Episcopal Church. Oddly enough, both churches were near each other in the eastern portion of the township.

In 1831 Granville Township was formed from Franklin, Burlington, and Canton townships. In 1855 LeRoy Township was formed from Canton Township, and in 1843 Armenia township was created from land belonging to Canton and Troy townships.



1858 Canton Township Residents
Adams, J Jackson, Mrs Rogers, L A
Andrews, T Jones, A Rogers, R R
Ayers, A Jones, A Roper, J
Ayers, J H Jones, J B Roseshe…, J C
Barnes, A Jones, Mrs Rouse, J
Barnes, S Kendal, S Rully?, L H?
Bartlett, O Kendal, S Rutty?, H
Bates, J Ketch**?, J S*tland, C S
Bates, W H Landen, D J Scott, L
Beardsley, J Landen, E Shaler?, W
Beardsley, S Landen, J * Smith, B
Bennett, J Lawrence, W Sollard, O
Bennett, R Lester, L Spalding, F
Bewell, H Lewis, A Spalding, G C
Bloom, A Lewis, L Spalding, H
Booly?, T Lilley, E Spalding, J
Bothell, A Lilley, R Spalding, O E
Bothell, A Linley, J Spalding, W P
Brady, B Loomis, C Stanton, J
Brown, O Loomis, J Stephens, D
Camp, G Manley, C Stull, K
Case, E Manly, C Taylor, A
Case, I Manly, S Taylor, J
Case, P McClelland, B Thomas, A
Channel, W McClelland, G Thomas, C
Cole, D McClelland, H Thomas, C T
Conklin, W McDougle, J Thomas, H
Cooper, D S McIntosh, A Thomas, T
Crandal, A McKee, J Turner, J
Crandal, J McWilc**, A Van Dyke, J
Crandal, Mrs Miles, W Van Dyke, J
Cross, A Newell, J Van Dyke, W
Duart, D Newell, S Warren, J
Dunning, J Newman, E Warren, J
Elliot, S Owen, W Watts, S
Fellows, J Packard, R Watts, W
Fellows, M Packard, S We*ell, J T
Fellows, S Packard, W Webster, D W
Fellows, W Pearce, * Webster, H
Fitch, S Pearce, W C Webster, H K
Fitzwater, W Porter, R S Wells?, J
Fitzwater Jr, S Potter, A Welsh, J
Fitzwater Sr, S Pratt, A Wheal?, I
Foster, M Pratt, A Wilcox, W
Frisby, O Pratt, E Wilhe*lm, S
Fuller, G R*ber, C Williams, J
Furge…, J Ra…, C F Williams, J T
Gillam, M Reynolds, H Williams, R
Grady, J Reynolds, H Wilson, Crandal
Green, J E Reynolds, S Worden, L E
Greene, E Reynolds, W Wright, C
Griffin, * Rice, J Wright, C
Griffin, H W Roberts, J Wright, E
Handwill, I Roberts, W Wright, H
Hay, D S Rockwell, A Wright, J
Hickock, H Rockwell, B Wright, J
Hickock, S Rockwell, J Wrigt, W
Higgins, J Rockwell, J H  
Hill, L Rockwell, N  


Excluding many names of residents in Alba due to difficulty reading names so close together.



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