Granville Township 1858

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1858 Granville Township Residents
Andrews, L. Furgerson, E. Pulman, L.
Annibal, J. Furgerson, F. Putnam, F.
Avery, C. Goddard, E. Putnam, I.
Ayers, H. Grase, J. Reynolds, W.
Ayers, L. Harris, T. Riley, J.
Bailey, K. Harrisson, J. Robinson, J.
Banyan, W. Horton, G. Rockwell, C.
Barnes, A. House, J. Rockwell, S.
Barnes, A. Huflett, J. W. Ross, D.
Baxter, E. Huflett, W. Ross, H.
Baxter, H. Jenkings, O. Ross, J. H.
Baxter, H. Johnson, G. Ross Jr, D.
Baxter, J. Kindal, S. Saxton, A.
Baxter, O. Kinyan, H. H. Saxton, B.
Baxter, O. V. Kittles, H. Saxton, L. D.
Baxter, S. La…, C. Scott, T. M.
Bo*ier, S. La…, E. Sher**y, S. P.
Bush, J. Lee, Mrs. Sherwood, A.
Case, A. Linn, J. Shoemaker, T.
Case, S. Mat**r, Mrs. Shoemaker, W.
Champ…, F. M. McClelland, J. Simkins, D.
Chelsey, P. McK…, W. Simpson, J.
Churchkill, C. W. McKey, W. Smith, S.
Churchkill, L. McKnight, M. Smith, W. H.
Clark, * Merritt, J. Spalding, J.
Clark, H. Merritt, S. Spalding, R.
Clark, L. F. Merrittshars, J. Streeter, O. L.
Clark, W. Miller, J. Swain, L.
Clark, W. Mix, J. Taylor, B. F.
Clinton, S. Monroe, D. Taylor, J.
Colebaugh, Mrs. Morisson, A. Taylor, L. D.
Cummings, S. Morse, I. Taylor, Mrs.
Curtis, G. Newland, O. Van Buskirk 1, J.
Decker, G. Nichols, W. Van Horne, L.
Drake, C. Packard, J. Vought, *
Eastman, J. Packard, J. Vroman, J.
F*ick, A. M. Parmenter, C. Vroman, J.
Farmer, B. Perry, O. D. Warren, W.
Farmer, N. Philips, W. H. West, S. M.
Fenton, B. C. Phinney, N. Wilcox, C.
Fenton, S. Porter, G. Wilcox, D.
Foster, F. Porter, M. Wilcox, M.
Fowler, L. Porter, M. T. Williams, P.
Freeman, J. Porter, S.  
Freeman, W. Pratt, J.  

Additional Notes:

  1. Suzanne Guinn of Westphalia, KS pointed out "Van Bushirk" was probably Van Buskirk.  On review the letter was found to be a "k" so the entry was changed.



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