Genealogy Dictionary

A wagoneer generally described a person that built wagons but it could also be used to describe a teamster.
Immigrants from southern Belgium during the 17th century.
A political subdivision of a town, township or borough.
warrant (land)
Certifies the right to a specific acreage and authorizes a surveyor to survey the land, create a legal description and (possibly) a plat map.
warranty deed
Guarantees clear property title from the seller to the buyer.
white rent
Blackmail. Rent to be paid in silver.
A document stating how a person wants real and personal property divided after death.
Works Public Administration — an agency created during the Great Depression in the U.S. to create jobs through public (government sponsored) projects.
writ of summons
A document issues by a court of law ordering a person to appear in court, usually on a specific day. 

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