The “township” or “south Towanda”, as it is often called by boro residents, was mostly a farming community. The Flats was rich bottom land, regularly flooded from Towanda Creek.

Towanda Township



1858 Towanda Township Residents
Barstow, D. Fox, M. Morton, Mrs.
Bowman, A. R. Gilbert, J. Patton, J. G.
Bowman, G. Goff, H. Patton, P. A.
Bowman, J. Gorham, J. B. Patton, W.
Bowman, J. Gregg, G. Patton, W.
Bowman, O. R. Gregg, W. Patton, W.
Bowman, U. Hale, E. W. Phinney, S & J
Bowman heirs, J. Hale, J. T. Santee, J.
Brown, S. Jones, H. Scott, G. E.
Bull, G. H. Kurby, J. Scovell, H.
Bull, Mrs. Mace, E. Scovell, J.
Cranmer, J. Mace, G. Scovell, J. J.
Decker, J. W. Mace, H. H. Scovell, Mrs.
Demock, A. H. Mason, G. E. Scovell, P. H.
Dimock, S. McAfee, Mr. Shiner, S.
Dresslain, W. McGill, D. Shrader, O.
Elliot, T. McGill, H. Watkins, W.
Elliot, T. Means, J. F. Welch, J.
Fisher, F. Means, Mrs. Welck, M.
Fox, H. Mingos, J. (1) Wells, C. F.
Fox, M. Moore, C.  


  1. John Mingos


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