North Towanda was established about the same time that Towanda Borough was formed. The boro split the old township in half so the result was Towanda Township to the south and the new North Towanda Township to the north (obviously). The Sugar Creek runs through this town from west to east, completing its journey at the Susquehanna River.

North Towanda Township 1858

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1858 North Towanda Township Residents
Alloway, J. Finerty, J. Mills, S.
Alloway, M. Grangier, A. Mills, S.
Baily, J. Grangier, E. Mulany, T.
Ball, D. M. Grangier, J. Post, L. S.
Barnes, W. Hawkins, S. Powell, Mrs.
Baslwick, M. Hawkins, T. Powell, S.
Bennett, C. Horton, M. Ruffy, E.
Bennett, G. Kennedy, * Rundall, S.
Bennett, N? Lally, P. Rutta, D.
Bennett, S. Manger?, J. Simons, J.
Bowen, T. McCarty, * Statton, S.
Brady, J. McMorran, W. Stevens, J. H.
Brown, W. Mercur, * Stevens, J. R.
Elwell, W. Mercur?, W. Woodruff, J.
Endbrook, W. Meyers, L.  



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