HENNESCHEID is a german name probably, which probably originated around the Middle Rhine area, possibly around Mainz. The family came to the English New York colony with the Palatine Migration about 1710 or 1711. The name is usually found as HENDERSHOT today.


  • Country: Germany, Middle Rhine
  • Surname Type: location
  • Soundex: H523
  • Spelling variations: HENNESCHEIDT, HENDERSHOT (H536)


  1. Jahann Wilhelm HENNESCHEID (1739/40-1688) married Anna Maria BOLTER (1639-1724). They did not emigrate.
    1. Michael HENNESCHEID (c1673/4-1749) married Anna Maria SCHNEIDER (1679-1757).
      1. Johann Peter (c1702-?)
      2. Maria Rosina (c1704-?)
      3. Johann Heinrich (c1706-?)
      4. Michael (1712-1786) married Elizabeth SCHERMERHORN (1713-1786)
        1. Johannes (c1732-1793) married Elizabeth _____
          1. Sarah Ann (1778-?) married Peter HUFF (c1772-?)
        2. Michael (1733)
        3. Elizabetha
        4. Catharina
        5. Antonius
        6. Caspar
        7. Jacob (c1782-1834)
        8. Wilhelm
        9. Sarah
        10. Sophia
      5. Elizabetha (1716-?)
      6. Eva (1717-?)
      7. Johannes (1720-?)


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