Genealogy Dictionary

A sworn statement.
Oath of Abjuration
A sworn statement renouncing a former allegiance.
Oath of Allegiance
An oath to be loyal or remain loyal to the government. Usually given to individuals of foreign birth. In U.S. colonial period an Oath of Allegiance was given to those who were not of English birth to ensure loyalty.
Order book, as in a court order book. Also means before, in front of, because of, or on account of.
See Obituary.
A description of the deceased. Usually published in a newspaper or other journal, the obituary describes highlights of a person’s life, surviving family, and indicates where burial will take place. It is usually written by the surviving family.
A child of a quadroon. A person who is 1/8th African.
Old Dominion
The State of Virginia.
Old Style
Julian Calendar. See New Style.
once removed
See Removed.
oral history
A story that has been passed from one generation to the next about “the good old days”, the family immigrant, the first former slave, etc.
oral will
See Nuncupative Will.
A public house or tavern.
A child whose mother, father or both have died.
orphan asylum
A place where orphan children are raised until they reach the age of majority.
See Old Style.

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