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International Genealogical Index — the index of LDS records.
A child born a woman who was not married to the father.
A person moving into a country from another country. See Also: Emigrant.
The act of seizing people or property for public service or use. Impressment was stated as one cause of the War of 1812 between the U.S. and England. Less than 30 years after the war that established the United States as separate from England, the English considered many Americans were still English and many English sailors found work on American ships. Therefore, the English felt it was their right to stop American ships, search for English sailors and force them to serve in the Royal Navy.
A deed, contract, or sealed agreement between two or more parties. A contract by which a person is bound over for services, usually for a stated timeframe.
indentured servant
A person who voluntarily or involuntarily committed to working for another person for a fixed number of years (usually 4 to 7). The most common reason was to pay off a debt, such as the cost of passage to America or some other destination. The indentured servant had few, if any, rights but people without skills or money would accept this arrangement in order to gain something when the service was done.
A child or minor. A person under the legal age, as defined by local law.
A relative by marriage. Colonists in America also used this term for any familial relationship that occurred by marriage. A woman's son-in-law, for example, could be her daughter's husband, or her own stepson.
See Query.
This month. When used with dates "inst." or "instant" indicates the date occurred in the current month. Thus, the 5th instant indicates the 5th day of the current month. See Also: Ultimo.
A formal — usually legal — document such as a deed or a will.
Having no legal or valid will. Not disposed of by a legal will. When a person died intestate and there was property to distribute, an Administrator would be appointed by the court to handle the process.
A list of goods or personal belongings in the estate of a deceased person. This inventory was usually recorded as part of the probate of a will.
International Reply Coupons. Used to allow someone in another country to obtain the proper postage for a package to be sent to you.
Children or offspring.

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