MARONEY or MORONEY does not appear to be a common name in Ireland. Most people with the name tend to come from the western counties of Clare or Galway. 


  • Country: Ireland, Counties Clare of Galway
  • Derived from: Ó Maolruanaidh
  • Surname Type: variation of another name, Ó Ruanaidh
  • Meaning: (1) patronymic, descendant of Maolruanaidh; (2) devotee of (Saint) Ruanadh; (3) variation of Ó Ruanaidh (Rooney)
  • Soundex: M650
  • Spelling Variations Found: MARONEY, MORONEY, MERONEY, MURONEY


  1. Patrick MARONEY (1822-?) married Bridget _____ in Ireland and emigrated in 1851
    1. Mary Teresa MARONEY (1850-1928) arrived as an infant
    2. Bridget MARONEY (1854-1932)
    3. James MARONEY (1858-?) – probably died young


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