Spencer is a very common English name. Many believe they are descended from Robert le Despenser who came from the same area of Normandy with William the Conqueror. Or his brother Urse. And some may be, but not all Spencers are. Why? Because "Spencer" is the name of an occupation; it is not a patronymic. So anyone who worked as a "despenser" or spices, etc A despenser was a person that managed some part of the kitchen. In fact, Robert may not have used "le Despenser" before being appointed to William I's household. You can think of a "Despenser" as a "Steward".


  • Country: England (Norman)
  • Surname Type: occupation
  • Meaning: a dispenser of provisions in a household, tavern, etc.
  • Soundex: S152


This family can be traced back many generations so this list will be abbreviated to my direct line.

  1. Michael (1611-1653) married Isabel _____
    1. John (c1638-1684) married Susannah GRIFFIN
      1. Robert (1674-1748) married Theodosia WHALEY
        1. Michael (1709-1793) married Zilpha CLOSSON
          1. Theophilus (1732-1793) married Elizabeth MATTESON
            1. Enoch (1779-1869) married Lydia TURNER
              1. Lyman (1803-1898) married Esther Lydia BROWNELL (1805-1885)
                1. Henry Clay SPENCER (1844-1928) married Amanda Jane DUNN (1850-1925)
                  1. Henry Homer (1875-1964) married Minnie A. MINGOS (1879-1952)


Michael (1611) to John (1638)

The connection between Michael SPENCER who immigrated and settled in Lynn, Massachusetts and John who lived in East Greenwich, Rhode Island has been considered as official or as proven as one can be with little or no evidence.


  • Michael SPENCER (1611-1653)