John DALY was born in April 1848. There is no birth certificate or equivalent document but he was baptized on April 14, 1848 at St. Michael's Parish, a Roman Catholic church located on Denmark Street in Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland. His name was spelled "James DEELY" in the baptism records, probably reflecting his parent's accent. I have heard many tell me that children were baptized as soon as possible, especially with the effects of the Great Famine still fresh. From what I can tell John celebrated his birthday as April 14.

John's parents were Michael DEELY (DALY) and Johanna O'BRIEN. Her family name was provided on his brother James' death certificate. The family probably lived on Edward Street, as found in Griffith's Valuation for 1850.


John enlisted in the First Battalion of the Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade, which was stationed in British North America (Canada). His discharge record, found at the British National Archives in Kew, shows:

Rank Promotion From To Comments
Boy   8 May 1862 31 July 1862  
Bugler Appointed 1 Aug 1862 15 Oct 1862  
Boy Appointment Cancelled 16 Oct 1862 6 May 1863  
Private Attained 15 Years of Age 7 May 1863 9 Oct 1864  
Bugler Appointed 10 Oct 1864 6 May 1866  
Bugler   7 May 1866 7 May 1868 Medical discharge 7 May 1868.
Service 2 years, 1 day.



John married Jane C. FEENEY in 1873.

  1. Frances B. "Fannie" DALY (1879-?)
  2. Robert J. DALY (1882-1962)
  3. Clarence E. DALY (1885-?)
  4. (unknown-boy) DALY
  5. Steart P. DALU (1890-bef. 1900)
  6. Mary C. DALY (1893-1959)
  7. (unknown-boy) DALY



LIMERICK, IRELAND – APRIL 14, 1848 – John DEELY was baptized today at St. Michael's Parish in Limeric today. His parents, Michael & Johanna DEELY of Limerick and godparents John HARDIMAN and Johanna CUNNINGHAM attended.

DUBLIN, IRELAND – MAY 8, 1862 – John DAILY of Limerick enlistd to serve in the Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade today. He will join the First Battalion in Canada.

OTTAWA, CANADA – MAY 7, 1868 – Bugler John DALY was discharged from the Rifle Brigade today at Ottawa. Bugler DALY is unfit for duty due to a case of scrofula, a form of tuberculosis (TB). His particular case is scrofuloderma, which caused lesions around the neck. He was found to be mentally fit but not physically since he probably could not wear the uniform properly. John had served 4 years 8 months in British North America. John's physical description on this date includes: 5 foot, 7-1/2 inches tall, fresh complexion, grey eyes, and light brown hair. His trade was listed as musician. His intended place of residence listed as  Dublin.

WAVERLY, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 26, 1915 – John DALY, a long-time resident of Waverly, died today. He is buried in the Waverly Catholic Cemetery.




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