Michael DEELY (later DALY) was born in Ireland about 1806. He enlisted with the 61st Regiment of Foot, the South Gloucestershires, in 1825 at the age of 19. Private Michael Deely, no. 388, served for 21 years before being discharged while the regiment was in Limerick (in 1846). Michael married Judith O’BRIEN in December 1843 and they had 4 children.

Judith is also listed as Julia and Johanna in some records.


Michael married Judith O’BRIEN at St. John’s Parish, a Church of Ireland (protestant), church in Limerick, Ireland. They had the following (known) children:

  1. John Robert DEELY/DALY (1848-1915)
  2. James Martin DEELY/DALY (1850-1927)
  3. Bridget DALY (1852-?)
  4. Michael DALY (1854-1905)


GORT, GALWAY, IRELAND – May 17, 1825 – Michael DEELY enlisted with the 61st Regiment of Foot at Gort Barracks. His June 13, 1846 discharge indicates he was 19 years old at the time of enlistment and he was from Kilbeacanty Parish. Michael served 21 years and 29 days. A little over 11 years were spent in British Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

LIMERICK, IRELAND – December 6, 1843 – Michael DALY married Johanna O’BRIEN at St. John’s Parish. He was a soldier of the “61st”. This may have been an interfath marriage or, as a soldier, it may have made he marriage “legal” by British Army standards. There was a Michael Daly in the 61st but some records suggest that man went to Austrailia. That information does not eliminate this possibility but it doesn’t help either. THIS EVENT IS NOT PROVEN.

LIMERICK, IRELAND – 1850 – Michael DALY rented a house and yard from Mary Henn on Edward Street in Limerick. The house is within St. Michael’s Parish.


Griffith’s Valuation

Richard Griffith was the Commissioner or Valuation in Great Britain. He surveyed and assessed Scotland between 1806 and 1807. He started the survey work in Ireland about 1825 and finished in 1844. That is, he finished defining the boundaries of every county, barony, civil parish and townland. He then assessed properies between 1848 and 1864. These records survived when census and other records of the time did not. Griffith’s Valuation is critical to genealogists searching for ancestors in Ireland.

Griffith's Valuation for Michael DALY, Limerick, Ireland

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  • Griffith’s Valuation 1848-1864: Primary Valuation of Tenements. Origin: Dublin, Ireland; Irish Microfilms Ltd., 1978. National Archives, Dublin and Public Record Office, Belfast. Town: Limerick (city). Townland: Ballinacurra bowman. Civil Parish: St. Michael’s. Edward Street. Page 62, Line 48.

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