Mary Catharine LOSEY was born August 19, 1818 in Sussex County, New Jersey. Her parents were probably John LOSEY and Hannah HENDERSHOT. While there are indications her given name was "Mary Catharine" she generally went by Catherine. At least one brother was Peter LOSEY (1823-1864) who served with the 15th New Jersey Volunteers.


Catherine LOSEY married William Coursen HUFF and they had the following children:

  1. John O. HUFF (1837-1887)
  2. Geroge W. HUFF (1839-1918)
  3. Sarah Elizabeth HUFF (1841-1910)
  4. Isaac C. HUFF (1845-?)
  5. Hannah M. HUFF (1848-?)
  6. Franklin Pierce HUFF (1852-1908)
  7. Philip Garis HUFF (1854-1922)
  8. William Henry HUFF (1858-1909) *

* Adopted (son of Sarah Elizabeth HUFF)







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