The original borders of Franklin Township were established in 1819 from land situated between Canton and Towanda townships. Land in the western part of the town was given over to form Granville Township in 1831 along with Burlington and Canton townships. In 1835 land was given to form LeRoy Township along with Canton Township. In 1853 Overton was created and Franklin contributed with land south of Schrader Creek. In 1866 the border with Burlington Township was re-drawn though that change would not be reflected in this map.

The southern part of Franklin Township was originally established as Barclay Township in 1867 when the area supported a large mining concern. In time, however, the mines fell into decline and Barclay was incorporated into Franklin.

Franklin Township

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The (Indian) Sheshequin Path leads through the most densely populated part of Franklin Township, indicating the early settlers, and those that followed, used the Indian paths. The Sheshequin Path leads from the present-day Canton area to Tioga Point, a major Indian stronghold and trading area.

When settlers first entered the area the land was covered with pine, hemlock, oak, and maple trees. The Indians used the area for hunting but there were no permanent Indian settlements in the valley or nearby mountains.



In 1858 Franklin Township had two school houses (near the center of the populated portion of the town), eight saw mills, a store in Barclay and two coal mines. Two communities, or concentrations of people, were evident in 1858: Franklindale and West Franklin. Only Franklindale had a Post Office.

No churches or cemeteries were found within the township. This may mean services were held at homes or that the surveyors did not include them.

1858 Franklin Township Residents

Albro, S.

Gore, W. E. Rubart*, W.
Allen, D. Green, D. Shrader, S.
Allen, D. Hinman, S. S. Shephard, S. W.
Anderson, D. Johnson, J. L. Shute, *
Anderson, F. Kaliff, D. Sickler, G.
Anderson, R. Kirkendall, J. Smiley, D.
Andrews, L., Jr. Langd**, B. Smiley, S.
Andrews, L., Sr. Lantz, J. Smiley, T. T.
Annibal, S. Lantz, W. Smith, H.
Bacon, B. Lattimer, S. Spalding, J. P.
Baldwin, B. Lyon, W. Spalding, K.
Baldwin, B. Martin, * Stephens, C. W.
Barrey, W. Martin, J. M. Varney, C.
Blake, B. McDonal, J. Varney, J.
Brown, B. McKee, J. Webber, S.
Brukerbocker, J. Montayne, B. D. White, C.
Burnham, * Montayne, E. D. White, L.
Burnham, Mrs. Morse, B. White, R.
Burroughs, H. Morse, F. Wilcox, G.
Cokely, D. Murphy, A. Williams, W.
Cole, J. North***, W.  
Cole, J. Peppers, D.  
Conklin, H. Powell, E. B.  
Crayton, W. Pratt, J.  
Crayton, W. H. Ridgeway, B.  
Dodge, C. W. Ridgeway, J. C.  
Fact, Sa** Rockwell, H.  
Fairbanks, C. Rockwell, J.  
Fairchild, H. Rockwell, J.  
French, W. B. Rockwell, J.  
Gay, G. Rockwell, W.  

Gay, H.

Rockwell, W. A.  
Gilbert, W. Roox, J.



Several names could not be read in the Franklindale area, in the eastern portion of the township, due to fading and other markings on the map.

Kaliff Saw Mill was located near the family of the same name.





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