Wells Township was created in 1813 from the western part of Athens Township. In 1818 land was taken from Wells to create Ridgebury Township and again in 1835 to create South Creek Township. This township is located in the extreme north west corner of Bradford County with New York State to the north and Tioga County to the west. Wells Township had two villages, French Mills and Edsallville in 1858.

Wells Township 1858

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The quality of this part of the map is very low making the transcription incomplete at best. Wells Township had seven school houses in 1858 plus three saw mills. There were two Presbyterian Churches, each with a parsonage.



This transcription has been updated with corrections and omissions identified by J. Kelsey Jones, a Wells Township, Bradford Co, PA researcher.  Many thanks to Mr. Jones for taking the time to review the Wells Township map and providing corrections and omissions from my original transcription.  [8 Nov 1999]  Mr. Jones' updates are in blue.

1858 Wells Township Residents
Adams, R. Edsall, J. M. Osgood, J. I.
Ameigh, L. L. Ellison, N. Osgood, M. J.
Ayers, A. Engles, B. Owen, T.
Ayers, Mrs. Finch, D. Parmenter, S. L.
Ayers, S. E. Fitzsimmons, J. Pedrick, J. S.
Ayres, D. C. French, L. Pellet, J.
Ayres, E. French, S. Pollard, J.
Ayres, J. Fries, D. Quail, R.
Bailey, D. Furgeson, A. Rathburn, N.
Baker, A. Furgess, A. Reed, Mrs.
Baker, H. Garrison, J. Roberts, H.
Baker, L. Gifford, W. Roberts, J.
Baker, T. W. Gordon, J. Roliston, O.
Barnes, J. Gordon, J. O. Rowley, S.
Barton, W. Grennell, L. Roy, J. A.
Beardsley, P. Griswold, J. Schofield, J.
Beckwith, G. Haas, S. Scott, J.
Beckwith, R. Hatifeld, W. Seely, A.
Beers, C. Helms, F. Seely, A.
Beers, J. Hill, J. A. Seely, S.
Beers, S. Hill, S. B. Seris, I.
Bly, C. Holedridge, D. Shepherd, J.
Bond, T. Ingals, W. S. Shepherd, N.
Bowman, A. P. Ingersoll, S. H. Shives, G.
Brasted, J. Jerolaman, J. Shuart, N.
Brasted, W. Jones, S. Smith, C.
Brewer, E. Kilgore, W. C. Stafford, A. J.
Brewer, J. Knapp, A. Strong, D.
Brewer, L. Knapp, A. W. Strong, J.
Brewer, W. Knapp, L. W. Strong, Mrs.
Brink, J. H. Knapp, P. R. Sturdivant, A.
Brink, J. H. Kymer, G. Swayze, A.
Brink, J. H. Lawrence, D. Swayze, H.
Brink, J. H. Lawrence, L. Sweet, A.
Brink, W. Lenard, J. K. Thompson, S.
Brown, J. Lenard, Mrs. Tickner, J.
Calkins, J. Lenard, N. Updike, C. C.
Capron, M. Lerew, A. Vandecar, W.
Carr, M. J. Lewis, D. Vanwert, J.
Cole, MD, J. H. Lucas, Mrs. Ward, J.
Cook, E. Lyttle, T. Warner, A.
Cook, H. Mapes, P. Warner, A.
Cory, G. McCarr, M. Warner, J.
Crain, H. Mills, M. Warner, T. B.
Criss, S. Mitchell, G. Wickham, S.
Daver, N. A. Mitchell, W. Wilcox, G.
Davey, J. Mosher, H. Wilson, H.
DeWitt, F. Mott, J. S. Wilson, J.
DeWitt, J. B. Mott, S. Wilson, J. A.
Dillison, E. Napp, Z. Wilson, W. R.
Dunning, H. Newton, D. J. Wood, E. P.
Easton, W. Newton, R. L. Young, A.
Edsall, A. Nicoles, J.  
Edsall, J. Noble, A. C.  


Some additional notes provided by J. Kelsey Jones:

  • Daver is probably part of the Davey family
  • Lenard is spelled Leonard today
  • Nicoles is spelled Nichols today
  • L. Lawrence was Leslie Lawrence


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