Just about everyone living in North America today has some foreign ancestry whether from Europe, Africa, Asia or someplace else our immigrant ancestors took the couragous step to leave home and go to a completely new place. Before easy air travel that move was usually permanent. Some families even held wakes (funerals) for those leaving because they would never be seen again. My confirmed immigrant ancestors – those found so far – are below. Others will be added as they are found.

DALY, James Martin (1850-1927)

James was born in Limerick, Ireland and baptized at St. Michael's [Roman Catholic] Parish on Denmark Street. The baptismal record spells the name DEELY. James arrived in the US from Canada after paying  £20 (pounds) to be discharged from the Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade of the Britsh Army. British records spell the name DAILY. » more

HENNESCHEIDT, Michael (1673/4-1749)

Michael was among the German Palatines that read or heard about the Golden Book. The book was essentially an advertisement to get people immigrating to the English North American colonies. Michael went to the Livingston land in the Hudson Valley to log trees for pine pitch, for use by the Britsh Navy to caulk ships. The family later moved to New Jersey.

Later generations in the US generally spell the name HENDERSHOT.

MENGES, Johann Conrad (c1730-1797)

Johann Conrad MENGES was probably born in or around Wirtemberg, present-day Hesse, Germany. Conrad, Sr., as he is usually referred to, married 3 times; once in Germany and the other 2 times after immigrating to eastern Pennsylvania. He settled around Easton, PA and would have been called a Pennsylvania Dutch. (Not really "Dutch", but "Deutsch" … German for um "German".)

He arrived in Pennsylvania in 1754.

Later generations used different spellings, including: MINGUS, MINGOUS, MINGES, MINGES

MARONEY, Mary Teresa (1850-1928)

Mary Teresa MARONEY arrived in the United States in the arms of her parents, Patrick and Bridget MARONEY. She was born in the fall and arrived the following spring. She married James Martin DALY (above). » more

MARONEY, Patrick (c1822-?)

Patrick MARONEY arrived in the United States from County Clare, Ireland in the spring of 1851 with his wife, Bridget ______, and daughter Mary Teresa (above). Patrick and Bridget had 2 more children: Bridget (1854-1932) and James (1858-?). Bridget apparently died before 1860 and James may have died "young". After that, this family seems to have disintegrated with only the sisters surviving.

This family name is spelled MORONEY as often as MARONEY. I suspect it depended on the accent the person writing the record heard.

SCHERMERHORN, Jacob Janse (1623-?)

Jacob Janse SCHERMERHORN (pronounced like "sk" as in "school") was born in an area of Friesland, Holland known as "Schermerhoorn". The name "Jacob Janse" indicates he was "Jacob, son of Jan". He arrived in New Amsterdam (modern day, Manhattan) 4 March 1637 and proceeded to make a life in the Dutch colony.

SCHNEIDER, Anna Catharine (1679/80-1757)

Anna Catherine SCHNEIDER was born in the Palatine region of Germany and married Michael HENNSCHEIDT (above).

SHAY, Jeremiah Michael (1857-1937)

Jeremiah Michael SHAY  was probably born in County Kerry, Ireland. There is a family story that he and his [unnamed] brother emigrated when Jerry was about 11. The story goes that his mother wrapped her shawl around him because he had no coat. I don't know if that's true or not but I know his parents also immigrated (below) and lived in Chemung County, New York.

Jeremiah worked for various railroads, working his way up to the position of Supervisor of the Maintenance of Way for the Susquehanna and New York Railroad (S&NY). The S&NY was a short line that ran over Barclay Mountain from Towanda to Williamsport in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The traditional spelling of this Irish name is SHEA. » more

SHAY, Patrick (c1820-?)

Patrick SHAY was born about 1820 in Ireland. He emigrated from Ireland before 1880 when he was living in the town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York.

SOULE, George

George SOULE (SOUL, SOWLE) was a servant aboard the Mayflower and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. His status improved among the community after so many died that first winter. With fewer numbers the community needed every man and woman to survive.

SPENCER, Michael (1611-1653)

Michael SPENCER arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the early 1630s. A ship's manifest (passenger list) has not been found yet to identify the specific ship or arrival date. He came from Stotfold, Bedfordshire (Bedford County), England and eventually moved to Lynne.

WHALEY, Theophilus

Theophilus WHALEY is something of an enigma. Many believe he was Robert Whaley, a leftenant in the regiment present when King Charles I was beheaded.


The story about Matthew WILLIAMS, the 124 year old man, is interesting but – other than the 1814 obituary – there are, so far, no documentation to prove the claim. In general, however, Matthew is said to have come from Wales as a soldier who stayed.