Monroeton is a small village, providing the focus of commerce for Monroe Township.    Monroeton had a Post Office, one undefined store, several merchants — Smith & Lyon Store, Smith & Cranmer's Store, W. White's Store, Brown & R******* Store, and H. S*t*yer Store — three (3) black smith's, another smith, Young & ?  Foundry, and the Monroeton Hotel.  There were also several other buildings in the center of the village that were not identified on the Ames, Lake & Davidson map.  Monroeton had a Baptist and Methodist Episcopal church plus a cemetery as well.

Monroeton Borough 1858

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The Barclay Railroad ran through the western part of Monroeton. The railroad continued through Powell in Franklin Township into the Towanda Mountains where the mines were located (see Franklin Township).


The residents have been sorted alphabetically by name to allow quick searching.  No attempt has been made to combine names associated with multiple properties.  If "J. H. Homey" (or anyone else) is listed with 2 or 3 properties the name will appear that many times in the list.  In this way the transcription makes no assumption about whether the same man owned several properties or several men had the same name.

1858 Monroeton Residents
Blackman, L. Hinman, J. E. H. Phinny, J. H.
Blackman, L. F. Hinman, S. Plumer, A. S.
Brown, W. H. Hinman, S. S. Rockwell, J. L.
Cranmer, A. L. Homet, J. H. Rockwell, J. L.
Douglass, W. Homet, J. H. Rockwell, R.
Dunfee, P. Homet, J. H. Shrader, S.
Fose, A. Lyon, * Thomas, Mrs.
Fowler, S. L. Mason/Moran, E. H. Warford, Mrs.
Hart, W. McGill, J. Woodruff, W.
Hinman, J. B. Mullen, A. Young, B.
Hinman, J. B. Phinny, G.  



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