This township is named for the great stone that stands in the Susquehanna River. The great “standing stone” plunged into the river bed a very long time ago; certainly before man reached the area.

The township was created in 1841 from the southern portion of Wysox Township. The land stretches from the higher elevations in the mountains at the north of the township down to the Susquehanna River which flows along the southern border.

Standing Stone Township 1858

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In 1858 Standing Stone Township had four school houses and six saw mills. The two populated communities, Standing Stone and Rummerfield, are both along the river. Rummerfield had the W. Griffin Store and Standing Stone had the post office, a freight house, and the G. Stevens Store.

The great standing stone, from which the town got its name, is now the property of the Bradford County Historical Society.

1858 Standing Stone Township Residents
Annis, A. Harrens?, Mrs. Stevens, N.
Bishop, J. Herring, J. O. Stevens, S.
Brennen, A. Hines, J. Storrs, W.
Claggett, W. L. Hines, J. Swackhammer, J.
Claggett, W. L., MD Huff, H. Taylor, A.
Clark, J. Huff, I. Taylor, J.
Cline, W. Huff, J. Tenant, N.
Coff, C. Hurley, J. Terwilliger, T.
Collem, P. Hurley, Mrs. B. Thetya, I.
Cook, Mrs. R. Huyck, L. Tracy, H. W.
DePew, R. Keeler, H. Tracy, H. W.
Desmond, R. Kennedy, J. Tracy, H. W.
Detrich, Mrs. L. King, D. Tracy, H. W.
Dixon, E. Kingsley, * Tracy, H. W.
Dixon, G. Kirk, M. Van Gorder, A.
Dunn, B. (1) Linch, P. Vaness, G.
Dunn, N. (2) Linch, P. Vaness, G.
Edwards, C. Lindsey, L. Vaness, G.
Ennis, A. Lynch, P. Vaness, H.
Ennis, A. McGregor, J. Vaness, I. W.
Ennis, A. Moyer, N. Vaness, I. W.
Ennis, B. W. Park, H. Vaness, M.
Esby, A. Powers, J. Vaness, N.
Esby, B. W. Primer, J. Vaness, S.
Esby, J. Roof, C. Vaness, W.
Esby, J. Roof, C. Vosburg, R.
Fisher, H. Rufford?, J. W. Vought, J.
Gibbs, L. Schoonover, J. Walker, F.
Goff, * Schoonover, T. H. Whitman, F.
Gordon, H. Shoup, L. Wood, L.
Gordon, H. Squires, C. & J. Worth, P.
Gordon, H. Stephens, *  
Gordon, H. Stevens, A.  
Grace, Mrs. B. Stevens, G.  
Grace, P. Stevens, J. & G.  
Griggs, Mrs. M. Stevens, J.  



  1. Barclay Dunn was the brother of Nelson Dunn, also living in Standing Stone at the same time. Barclay later moved to Franklin Township very near the Burlington Township line, just a short distance from his brother (again).
  2. Nelson Dunn lived in Standing Stone after moving from Sussex County, New Jersey. He later moved to southern Burlington Township.






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