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That which is legal and binding.
Administrative group within a parish. The ruling body of a church.
veteran volunteer
During the U.S. Civil War most soldiers were volunteers. Most regiments, then, included the word "Volunteers" in their name (i.e., Ninth New Jersey Volunteers). After the first months of the war, when most could see it was not going to be a short war, men were enlisted for three (3) years. When they reenlisted after their three years were complete, the regiment was able to add the word "Veteran" to the regiment's title (i.e., Ninth New Jersey Veteran Volunteers). This was an honor and let everyone know these were seasoned troops.
A term used to identify an unmarried woman in English and some European marriage records.
A visit for the purpose of making an official inspection or examination. This term was used to describe the collection of census information.
vital records
Records documenting birth, marriage, and death of a person.                  

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