Alba Borough is found in the extreme northwest portion of Canton Township. Even though Alba was not one of the selected communities highlighted on the map, it was a distinct community. The names on the map are so close together only a few names were readable. If you have better luck, let me know and I will update the list of residents. It is bordered by Canton Township on the west, south, and east, and by Troy Township on the north.

Alba Borough 1858

The village of Alba, listed as a “borough” — or “boro” to many in Pennsylvania — had several stores, including a carriage house and a machine shop. The village also had a Baptist Church and a Presbyterian Church.


The residents have been sorted alphabetically by name to allow quick searching. No attempt has been made to combine names associated with multiple properties. If “A. McKean” is listed with 2 or 3 properties the name will appear that many times in the list. In this way the transcription makes no assumption about whether the same man owned several properties or several men had the same name.

The list below includes as many names as I could read from the above clipping so there may be an overlap with the Canton Township map.

1858 Alba Boro Residents
Andrus, L Lilley, R Wilcox, A J
Andrus W Mallory, J Wilson, J
Bothell, A Manly, C G Wilson, J
Bothell, A Packard, S  
Cooper, D S Pierce, W C  
Ever*ard, A Reynolds, W  
Green, J E Smith, B  
Greenleaf, W Spalding, D  
Horn, M G Tachelbaugh?, W  
Lewis, L Ward, L  

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