Albany Township was established in 1824 from Asylum Township to the north. Albany Twp. is situated along the extreme southern border of Bradford County with Sullivan County. The land is hilly but not mountainous making for good farming conditions. The primary community in the township is called New Albany.

In 1853 the township lines were re-drawn to create Overton Township from the western portion of the town, making Albany Township smaller.

It is bordered by Overton Township to the southwest, Monroe Township to the northwest, Asylum Township to the northeast, present-day Terry Township and Wilmot Township to the east.

Albany Township landowners in 1858.

In 1858, Albany Township had five (5) school houses and two saw mills. The Wilcox Hotel and the Steam Oar Manufacturing company were also found in the township. The township also had a Methodist Protestant Church established as well.


The residents have been sorted alphabetically by name to allow quick searching. No attempt has been made to combine names associated with multiple properties. If a person is listed with 2 or 3 properties the name will appear that many times in the list. In this way the transcription makes no assumption about whether the same person owned several properties or several residents had the same name. Remember: These are only landowners; any renters were not listed on the map.

Updated 24 Jan 2015 using scan of Albany Township (image).

1858 Landowners in Albany Township
Last Name First Name Probable Name1 Notes
Allen B. Barton  
Allen B. Barton  
Allen C. Calvin  
Allen J. James or Joseph  
Allen O. Oliver  
Allen W. Warren  
Babcock C. Clark  
Bary M.    
Bentley Mrs. Lydia Husband was probably “B. R. Bentley” from the 1850 census.
Bolith J. John  
Bradley P.    
Brown J. John  
Brown N. Nathan  
Burdick D. Daniel  
Campbell J. S. John S.  
Campbell W. William  
Carr A. A. J.  
Cavenaugh H.    
Chapman S. Sylvester  
Chapman S.    
Churchman M.    
Clunt P. Philip Klunt  
Cobel W.    
Codding M. H.    
Corbin C. C. H.  
Corsen Z. P.    
Crandal H. Hiram Name also spelled “Crandall” in census.
Cummisky R. R.  
Derby N. Nathan  
Eddy R. Robert  
Eldred B. Benjamin  
Eldred B.    
Emery O.    
English A. Alexander  
English D. Daniel  
Farrell J. J. D.  
Farrell J. James  
Finan P. Patrick  
Ford A. A. G. D.  
Gillett Z.    
Green P. P. Paul P.  
Hakes D. Daniel  
Hakes H.    
Hakesheirs G.    
Hancock A.    
Harney J.    
Harris B.    
Harris N. C.    
Harton E.    
Hatch S. Seneca  
Hibbard H. Henry  
Hibbard O. Orison Name also spelled “Hubbard” in census.
Huntsinger J. Joseph  
Jackson J. Jacob Race: black
Jones D. Daniel Race: black
Kellogg M. Myron  
Kline J. John  
Ladd A. Arunah  
Ladd H. Horatio  
Ladd M. A.    
Lee J. Joseph  
Martin W.    
Mathews J. John  
McDurmot H. Henry  
McDurmot P.    
McIntosh R. Robert  
McKenman P. Peter Name might also be spelled “McKenna”.
Menardi J. Joseph  
Meyers P. Peter  
Miller E.    
Miller G. George  
Miller R. Russell  
Miller R.    
Moon C.    
Moon M. Morgan  
Mosher C.   Name also spelled “Moshier” in the census.
Mosher C. S.   Name also spelled “Moshier” in the census.
Moss J.    
Munch G.    
Murphy S. Stephen  
O’Neil P. Patrick  
Ormsby D. Dyer  
Ormsby D. Daniel  
Owens M.    
Phinney H. S.    
Platt F. Frederick  
Quinsby S. B.    
Randal A. Amos B. Name also spelled “Randall” in the census.
Rice A.    
Robinson E.    
Robinson S.    
Rogers A. Adolphus  
Rogers E.    
Saben D. Daniel  
Scanlin J.    
Scanlin T. Thomas  
Scririn J.    
Shaffer G. George  
Stephens R. Ralph  
Stephens S. Seth  
Sterigere A. Augustus T.  
Sterigere J. J. B,  
Sterigere P. Peter  
Sullivan J. James  
Sweet C. Clark  
Van Dyke J. Jonathan  
Van Dyke S. Samuel  
Van Loon H.    
Van Loon J.    
Waltman A. Abram or Abraham  
Waltman T. Thomas  
Whelan M.    
White J. W.    
Wilcox B. Benjamin  
Wilcox B.    
Wilcox F. Freeman  
Wilcox H. S. Hiram S.  
Wilcox I. Isaac  
Wilcox R.    
Wilcox W. Wells  
Wood Z.    
Woolsey A.    
Zahner W. William  



  1. These names were found using the 1850 and 1850 census for this town. IT IS A GUESS but an attempt at helping you identify your ancestor. Please contact me if you can confirm a name or know it is different.


Transcription Log

January 24, 2015: The township list was updated using a better image posted by Ancestor Tracks. Possible Name and additional notes were also added during this update.

August 23, 2002: This transcription has been updated with corrections and omissions identified by Bob Sweeney, Sullivan County Historian for Rootsweb.  Many thanks to Mr. Sweeney for taking the time to review the Albany, Overton, and Wilmot township maps and providing corrections and omissions from my original transcription.


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