John MINGOS was born May 5, 1800 in Lower Mt. Bethal, Northampton County, Pennsylvania to Coonrad MENGES and Sarah _____. The family moved around Pennsylvania and New York. John met and married Nancy SHAVER 1802-1862) when the Menges family was living near Lansing, Thompkins County, New York. They later lived near Independence, Allagany County, New York and Moroe, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The family surname took on several spellings during John's lifetime including Menges, Mingus, and Mingos.


John MINGUS married Nancy SHAVER (1802-1862) in Landing in the early 1820s. They had the following children:

  1. Amanda (1822-1904) married Evan LEWIS (x1823-?)
  2. Mary (c1823-?) married Lewis LEWIS (c1820-?), brother to Evan mentioned above
  3. Sarah (1824-1891) married Jonas STROUSE (c1815-1859) in Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
  4. Hannah (1826-1895) married John Morris PIATT
  5. Sophia (1828-1852) married John WHITE
  6. Philo (1830-1878) first married Mary BENJAMIN (1831-1855) and had 2 children and later married Emma J TRUMBULL (1837-1911) and had 5 children
  7. Benjamin C (1831-1907) married Lovicy A TRUMBILL and had 1 (known) child
  8. Lorenzo Albert (1833-1906) married Phebe Elizabeth TRUMBILL and had 1 child
  9. David S (1835-1907) married Martha BENJAMIN (1838-1920) and had 3 children
  10. Irene (1837-1920) married Peter VANGORDER
  11. Martha (1840-1894) married Eli W GALE
  12. Eliza M (1842-?) married Alonzo L BENJAMIN
  13. George Gilbert (1846-1886) married Clara E WHITNEY (1847-1941) and they had 3 children
  14. William L (1848-1848)





Research Facts

  • Lineage: Coonrad (1777), Johann Conrad (1757), Johann Conrad (c1730)
  • Immigrant Research Code: F
  • Generation: F3




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