Who are Jane Grady’s Parents? Part 2.

My previous post about Jane Grady’s parents showed how confusing some research can be. Additional research was needed and I now have a little better understanding about the Grady’s of Millport / Pine Valley, New York.

The 1865 New York State census is the key to the new look at this problem. As with other records, the ages don’t help clear up the mystery. In fact, my first question is where the heck is five year old Jane???

1865 New York State Census

Getting past that question, however, column 11 asks “of how many children the parent”. Mary answers 1. Apparently men didn’t answer the question. Column 12 then asks “number of times married”. This is key. The elder Patrick answers 2 while Mary answers 1. So this is his second marriage and her first. Column 13 is “now married”, indicating they are married. The younger Patrick is not married.

Since we found Jane in Patrick’s and Mary’s house in 1860 the younger Patrick is not her son. That’s my theory at the moment.

Now looking at the 1880 U.S. census Jane is living with her half-brother (the younger Patrick) but is identified as his daughter. BUT we don’t know who answered the enumerator’s questions.

So my current theory is this:

  • Patrick Grady married (unknown) and they had Patrick Grady Jr. or “2nd” about 1838-1840.
  • Patrick Grady married Mary Doharty / Dority second and they had Jane.in Dec 1859.


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